Hainsworth Company has been providing coin-operated laundry services since 1963. After a career in retail and appliances, Ken Hainsworth started this new business in Spokane to serve the laundry needs of the multi-family housing market. At first, he started by buying a few used machines, fixed them up himself in his own garage and placed the machines in local apartment complexes and serviced them himself. He and his wife of more than 60 years at first did the books on the kitchen table. These were before the days of computers and calculators.

In the ensuing years Hainsworth Company has moved out of the garage and onto the computers. His two sons who joined the business helped it grow even more based on its continued reputation of quality service. Even now, Hainsworth Company is still owned and operated by family. Today, Ken’s grandsons continue to provide laundry service with the personal and individual attention that their grandfather showed the company’s original customers.